Recently, the JBCIA had the chance to sit down and talk to Umesh Sampath, Indian PH student living in Jeonju for the last 4 years. Apart from his studies, Umesh has developed an interest for photography. The following interview showcases his passion for photography and how international students enjoy their hobbies.

First of all, what is photography to you?

As a researcher, I find photography to be a powerful tool that gives me creative fulfillment. Its helps me to express myself artistically with the things I fail to express in other ways.

How long have you been taking pictures for?

It’s been around 4 years. I started my photography using my smart phone. I find it very easy to click decent pictures using smartphones. I received my first DSLR camera after winning a photography competition conducted by professional photographer Martin Bennie from Scotland (expat who lived in Geoje). When I started my photography with the DSLR, it was incredibly complicated to make it really work for a better picture. I am still working on it! May be it will be an endless task haha.

What got you into photography?

As an expat here away from home for my graduate studies, it is very easy to feel lonely sometimes. During my free time, I usually walk alone around nearby places in Jeonju. Taking photos while walking makes it feel like someone is travelling along with you. This made me create a strong bond towards photography.

Would you say that you focus your photography on a main theme? Or are you also willing to experiment?

I am just beginner when it comes to photography. I really love taking landscape pictures and try to put my own spin on nature’s beauty. Recently, I fell in love with the emotions, the happiness of people expressed in photographs and I try to share the beauty that is all around us. I will be willing to experiment candid photography on the theme of “COMPASSION”.


How do you balance between your work in the lab and your hobby?

I really appreciate this question. It’s a quite hard for me to find a proper balance. I spend most of my time in my lab during weekdays and the disappointing part is that during my free time, I don’t find pleasant weather, lighting, and other aspects for taking good pictures. Nevertheless, with the mindset of going on weekends for photography, I try to work hard on weekdays. Photography motivates me in my research too!!

In which direction are you planning to take your hobby as a photographer? Does it coincide with what you want to accomplish in your professional life?

My hobby as a photographer will soon become my passion! Maybe it will become my profession in the future after a few decades.

Do you have any advice to anyone who would like to start taking pictures as a hobby?

Just get out there! Enjoy clicking the beauty of world. Feel happy with your own pictures!
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Umesh Sampath is currently working towards completing his PhD in Electronics and Information Engineering from Chonbuk National University. He is also an amateur landscape photographer trying to capture the richness of nature and tradition in Jeollabuk-do.


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