ㅤDespite its short existence, the Jeollabukdo Center for International Affairs keeps running programs geared towards creating links between locals, international residents, and the world. Here’s a look at what the JBCIA has been up to during the summer of 2017. For more information and details on how to participate in the center’s activities, please keep an eye on the JBCIA’s website at jbcia.or.kr.

2017 Summer Overseas Volunteers
Program: Vietnam


ㅤThe JBCIA is currently collaborating with the Jimmy Carter School of International Studies (JIS) at Chonbuk National University to help send a group of university students and Jeollabuk-do citizens to volunteer in Vietnam’s Dak Lak province. The goal of this program is not only to strengthen the volunteers’ global capabilities, but also to leave a positive impact on a rural village with distinctly Korean characteristics. The group is set to leave for Vietnam on August 5th and return to Korea on the 13th. There will also be a film crew accompanying the volunteers to capture their journey, so make sure not to miss the documentary when it comes out!

Visiting Lectures on International


ㅤYoung people throughout the world will become tomorrow’s future leaders and key decision makers. It is for this reason that the JBCIA provides the public, especially the younger generations, with visiting lectures on international topics such as diplomacy and cultural diversity. The center visited Bongseo Elementary School in Wanju earlier this month to host a lecture by ex-Korean diplomat Juhyeon Baek. The eager elementary schoolers gained useful insight on what it takes to be a diplomat and what the job involves. Through hosting these types of lectures, the center aims to help cultivate globally-minded talent necessary for Jeollabuk-do’s future.


KF-JBCIA Theme Field Trip

ㅤOn Friday June 30th, the JBCIA collaborated alongside the Korea Foundation (KF) to give a group of foreigners residing in Seoul the opportunity to experience Jeonju. While in Jeonju, the group had a chance to experience what Jeonju is best known for:superb Korean food and the city’s Hanok Village. Through a guided tour of Hanok Village, eating at some of the city’s well-renowned restaurants, parading in beautiful hanboks, and partaking in other cultural activities, the participants felt as if they were close friends meeting to have a good time, rather than strangers who had met each other the night before. As a city famous for its traditional cultural assets, Jeonju is a must-see destination for domestic and foreign tourists alike. The JBCIA seeks not only to promote these attractive aspects of Jeollabuk-do, but also to reassure foreigner visitors that they will make wonderful memories during their stay. The overwhelmingly positive responses from applicants will pave the way for similar programs in the future.


Jeonbuk-Tacoma Youth Exchange Camp

ㅤThe JBCIA is working together with the city of Tacoma to promote mutual cultural and language exchange between the youth of each city through a summer camp program. High school students from Tacoma, Washington will spend a total of twelve days in Jeollabuk-do as they participate in activities with their Korean counterparts (camping, Korean cultural activities, etc). The center aims to help young participants take the lead in international exchanges between ordinary people.

2017 Jeollabuk-do International Exchange Day

ㅤAfter last year’s success, the JBCIA is getting ready for the second annual Jeollabukdo International Exchange Day on Saturday, September 23rd. This year the festival will be held on the grounds of the Jeollabuk-do provincial government building (across the street from Sinsigaji) and its main theme will focus around making harmony between Korean and foreign residents. There will be many activities that anyone, regardless of age or nationality, can enjoy. Make sure not to miss the live performances, experience booths by foreign embassies, lectures on other countries, and many of the other activities at this year’s Jeollabuk-do International Exchange Day!

Jeonbuk International Student Ambassadors

ㅤThe third round of the Jeonbuk International Student Ambassadors recently concluded early this June. Through financial support from the JBCIA, international students in Jeollabuk-do were able to travel all around the region while promoting on social media its many tourist destinations, foods, festivals, and other cultural assets. The PR teams decided whether they would promote the region through video or pictures, and the teams were composed of students from China, Mongolia, Latin American, and Japan. International students in the region, make sure not to miss your chance to participate this fall!

Foreign Community Support Service 2017

ㅤThe JBCIA is currently looking to give financial assistance to any sort of hobby or activity group in the region that is composed mostly of foreign residents. The goal of this program is to enhance the wellbeing of foreign residents while also promoting mutual exchange and friendship with local residents. The financial assistance can be up to 1,000,000 won but it is not provided in cash. For details on how to apply, make sure to check the announcement board on the JBCIA’s website or call at 063-214-5604.

JISU Supporters Visit Seoul

ㅤThe official support group of the JBCIA, JISU, went to Insandong in Seoul on May 27th to promote Jeollabuk-do to foreign tourists. Many of the passersby were able to get a taste of Jeollabuk-do through sampling regional food items such as Imsil cheese and experience booths that replicate famous tourist destinations. Foreign visitors were not the only ones that got in on the fun, JISU supporters also got to participate in the flash mob, food tasting, and other activities.
ㅤThe center is always looking for passionate supporters who love Jeollabuk-do. Those interested can apply in the beginning of the year in various positions (planning, homestay, foreign language, counselling, ect). Recruitment is on-going year round for positions short in staff. Make sure to not miss your chance to apply!


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