Love in chaos


Let the devil play his sweet violin
Just for me
Let the angels sing to stop my frenzy
Let the melody of nostalgia come to me as a warm kiss

Stop all this delirious with your sonata
Let the fire of hell defrost my cold heart
Burn my soul in the warmness of your embrace
Where pain is just a word without a sense beyond the absence

I do not have the answer
Even less the way
But your presence
It is the light that illuminates my soul in disgrace

I’m sorry to bring you this pain
I’m sorry to bring what you hate the most
What hurts your aching soul
As a lonely rose in the crowd

In the immensity of your soul still lives that sweet memory
Time in which dreams guided our path
Where fantasy was stronger than anguish
Where your sweet voice relieves my delirium

It hurts me not being able to bring you happiness in a world where chaos is the norm
Where peace is only the prelude to pain
It hurts me just to think that what I offer you
It is the origin of your pain

Now I understand your suffering my beloved
Hope is always accompanied by pain
When we hope something is wrong
Although many times it is the only thing that keeps us walking on the road

Hope is love in chaos
It is the desire of wake up from a nightmare
Where the pain freeze our hearts
Where our souls fight for a dream

The only thing I can offer you
The only thing I can do is keep your soul warm
It is to embrace you, embrace you tightly
And hold your hand and never let you walk alone
Giving you what you hate the most

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